Do you even ART?

Three friends talk about life and ART in a modern context.
How can we decide what art is and what it is not?

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Is ASMart?

Plug in your headphones and prepare for a sensory onslaught as the co-hosts explore a uniquely/not-so-uniquely internet phenomenon: ASMR.

Do You Even Art, Memes?

Come examine the history and popularization of memes, as well as the ways in which they enhance, detract from, and redefine American pop culture. The co-hosts also answer the question of whether memes can, in fact, be considered art.

What arts hardest about Hamilton?

The guys share differing opinions over “what arts hardest” among the many astonishingly excellent aspects of the Tony-Award-winning 2015 hip-hop musical--including their picks for the Hamilton song that arts hardest.

What arts harder: Interstellar vs Arrival?

In their first “What arts harder?” episode, co-hosts Brendan, Mike, and Matt share praise and critique for two highly acclaimed science-fiction films.

Do you even Art?

The pilot episode introduces you to co-hosts who share their responses to the question “What is art?” with exploration of Aristotle, Simon and Garfunkel, Frankenstein, and everything in between.

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